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Well my Sierra Computer aka Ye Olde Games Computer consists of the following:

Pentium 166
32 MB Ram
1.6 GB HD
2x 32 Speed CD-Rom drives
Sound Blaster AWE32 (Digital sound + MT32/GM emulation or Native AWE32 support)
Geforce 2 MX 32MB Video Card

Operation System:
Windows 95

If you know this little trick you don’t need a DOS install. There should be a file on your computer called MSDOS.SYS if you installed Windows 95. You need to edit this file. Find the line: BootWIN=1 Now if you change the 1 into a 0 (BootWIN=0) then when you restart the computer you’ll boot from DOS 7.0 (included in Win95). If you need to play a game in Windows just type WIN and Windows 95 will boot.

You’ll probably want to do multiple boot configs for different games. Before editing your config.sys file you’ll need to install a memory manager like QEMM386. If you don’t have just Google it. You’ll need to (auto)configer QEMM for your computer. If you don’t know how just let the program run it for you.

I included my config.sys to give you an idea. My QEMM config leaves me with 621 KB free memory so I can play any memory hungry DOS game.

Hope this helps 😉