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The only saving grace about that list is that there are a lot of Nintendo games near the top of it – which deserve to be there as anyone who has played Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc can vouch for.

I’m a bit pissed off about the lack of respect Sierra gets in general on such lists, as it really did release some groundbreaking and wonderful games. The fact that there are far more Sierra fans, sites and projects around than LucasArts says a lot about the effect Sierra had on gamers. Whereas LucasArts games were pretty much a bunch of jokes and comedy situations strung together by a weak story, the Sierra games really focused on great story and great characters.

I wouldn’t seriously listen to the IGN opinions anyway – I’ve been reading it off and on for 6 years and for the most they are tech-whores who love flashy graphics and surround sound. They mark games down for not having features like widescreen and progressive scan support which is absolute rubbish.