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I also read that article and I was expecting at least one or two Sierra titles (Leisure Suit Larry I & Gabriel Knight). At least there were a few adventure games on that list. Althought I like LA games and not a big fan of Grim Fandango. My 2 favorite LA games are Fate of Atlantis and Curse of Monkey Island.

I think the problem with the bigger gaming websites is, IMHO, the new generation of gamers. A lot of game reviewers for the bigger gaming websites or gamers nowadays are mainly console gamers or FPS gamers. A lot of them never had or lost the connection with adventure games. Just take a look to the #1 game on the Readers list: Resident Evil 4!

Game genres have evolved in the years. Better graphics, better sound, better gameplay. Alot of “3D” and console games can rival the best adventure games storywise. I don’t blame the reviewers but when Magna Cum Laude got a 7.2 Rating on Gamespot I lost all respect for them. Games I also expected on the list were Lemmings, Diablo and even Tomb Raider. I think the list is more of a populairity list than a greatest game of all time list. Well at least Syndicate was on the list…

I’ll stop now because I feel a rant coming…