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“… (by Ken Williams)

So .. to answer the question .. It wasn’t the sale that hurt Sierra. What killed Sierra was that it was acquired by criminals. I still believe that based on the information I had at the time, the decision I made was in Sierra’s best interests. Unfortunately, I got scammed.


I’ve been wondering about that. Were the terms they promised you (Sierra stays creatively independent) written in the sales contract? If so, was there talk about suing the aquiring company for breach of contract when you saw where things were going?

Also, before the sale, was there any movement in Sierra to tackle the new 3D platforms that were rolling out because of the introduction of the Voodoo card? I know that KQ: MoE addressed this, but I thought the whole development of that game was done after the sale. I guess my question is, would it have been done without any outside pressure from the parent company?

All in all, I would have to say your agreement to sell was pretty much compulsory. I’m sure the shareholders would have revolted on you if you turned down what those guys were offering. What was it, 50% above asking price per share?