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Greetings Patrick.

Fun article.

Here’s my thought on the issue:

The article paints a picture of the US economy as a few rich people exploiting a country full of starving workers.

Personally I dislike articles that complain about something, but then don’t offer an alternate solution. The article criticizes the “American way” without pointing towards a vision of a country that is doing it better. What does the author see as the correct role model? It is easy to complain about things, but hard to do them better.

I’ve lived in Europe, and I’ve lived in Mexico, and of course I’ve lived in the US. I’ve also visited more than my fair share of countries. I’ve even traveled extensively in places like China. Yes, there are things about America that seem wrong. But that said, as of today, I can’t think of a country which I wish America were more like. This is a great place, and a great system.

I would argue that one indicator of whether or not the article has a basis, would be the US borders. Generally speaking, are people from other countries interested in moving here, or leaving here? Are immigrants who come here quickly disenchanted and rushing to go home, or are they building careers and integrating with society? Is there a huge group of America’s poor fighting to leave the US to reach other countries where they perceive more opportunity for success?

To summarize: The author seems to think our way of doing things is wrong, but never offers an alternative. Our system is not without flaws, and I suspect there are things we can learn from other countries, but overall, I can’t think of another country whose system I think we would be better served by. The article’s author never says it, but I was reading between the lines that he prefers a socialist system or even a communist system. Once again I would say “Give me an example, and let’s look at their economy.”

Argh…. I should know better than to get drawn into political discussion… it’s a lose-lose game.

-Ken W