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Started to get pain in my lower left back, left hip, lower left leg and ankle. The pain went on for a month without medication, because the Doctor believed sciatica goes down the leg and involves the whole leg. He was dead wrong.
Finally got him to get me a xray. Well, after seeing the mess in my whole spinal lumbar area, he got me some medication, but the insurance company refused to pay for medication strong enough. What I got was no relief from the pain.
I went for a MRI and they found that I have 3 protuding lumbar discs one of which is sitting right on the left branch of the sciatic nerve. Plus bone spurs and my tail bone tends to stick on one side. I see the Neuro-surgeon July 15, 2005.
Well, the insurance company was forced to pay for the generic form of Vicodin and it works pretty well.

Update: well it appears to be getting worse. I may have to try to get into the neuro-surgeon sooner.