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Hi – First post.

The first true computer game I ever played was KQ4. A neighborhood kids dad brought a copy that he borrowed from a coworker home. Even though the graphics are hoakey (sp?) by todays standards, I immediatly began to imagine myself in Rosellas place walking from the fishermans house, or cleaning the 7 dwarves house. yes thats weird, but it’s true. A bit later my dad brought home our first PC “IBM Compatible (WOOHOO)” and he took me to babbages to buy a game or two. I bought KQ4 from the bargain rack and (I think) Police Quest or maybe Monkey Island. My Dad bought Leisure Suit Larry in the “pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals”

Of course the first day he was very stern and adamant that this PC was a tool and wouldn’t be used for mindless games… that lasted on day 😀

Anyway, I followed Sierra, specifically through KQ, LSL, and QFG. I do remember getting in trouble quite a few times for either spending too much time on the game or these strange 900 numbers appearing on the phone bill from Sierra Online game support (the whale trick was bogus, shame on you ) 😀

Anyway, my roots start in the commodore but Sierra kept my gamer fire burning into the early 90s.

So yeah, anyway, I’m a computer tech now.

Sierra forever!
Lucasarts games forever!