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I guess I would have to see me and Sierra go way back.

I had played a few computer games including the Oregon Trail (greenscale version) when I was in the 2nd grade. That Christmas (I believe) which would have been around 1989 our family got a hand-me-down computer with a handed-me-down version of Police Quest 1 CGA (I don’t think we had the actual disks and manual, sorry Ken!)

I was amazed at being able to interact beyond a controller. Well, I went through many more Sierra games (and started collecting them). I learned BASIC programming in the 3rd grade, and Pascal programming in 5th grade. What I wanted to do was draw backgrounds, but I wanted to know a bit about the programming end first, so that was my focus. My best friend and I put together some basic demos using Turbo Pascal, but around that time the Web got really popular (94-95) so we started doing Internet things instead. In 1996 I founded a web site so I could pay my car insurance and I geared more towards business than programming or art.

I went to college and graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Digital Media. If I can work on my drawing skills, I’m hoping to put together Flash games, which aren’t required to be 3D like every other game that comes out. I would hope to pay for the games with graphic ads and text ads.

I had hoped to work for Sierra someday, but being here makes me feel like I’m still part of the team.