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“… (by Johann de Waal) Thanks for the info, Chris. But are you sure about only the PCjr having the capability to display the extended palette? We only had a bog standard IBM-compatible PC with an Intel 8088 CPU and CGA graphics adapter.

I remember reading somewhere (on this site perhaps?) that it was some kind of smart software thing that Sierra did.

Later, when we got VGA, and could now play the AGI games in EGA, the graphics was a big improvement even over the extended CGA. The EGA and CGA graphics looked very different, and not similar as you mention.


Yes, I’m sure. When you played the old Sierra games on a PCjr or a Tandy, they looked identical to the EGA version you remember. Remember, the original AGI engine was WRITTEN for that oddball graphics card to showcase the PCjr. The problems came when I tried to take those old AGI games and play them on my new computer with VGA. Since there was no support for EGA on the orginal AGI engine, the graphics got kicked down to 4-color CGA – a blinding sight for me since up to then I was quite used to the full 16 color palette.