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“… (by Todd VDW)
Now, however, I live and work in California and was contemplating taking a weekend trip up north to Oakhurst. I know everything is closed there, but I am wondering if there is anything there worth seeing. I feel a very strong nostalgia for Sierra and I just want to see what’s there.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I visited Oakhurt back when Sierra was in its heyday. My dad and I were passing through on the way back from Yosemite and we went to the office to check it out. Unfortunately the tours were done for the day and we had to move on. I did manage to get the ear of a nice customer service rep who listened to my tale about how all of my Sierra games wouldn’t work on my newfangled VGA display because the disks were only written to use CGA or Tandy/PCjr graphics modes. Trust me you do NOT want to play a Sierra game in CGA. Anyway, she actually shipped me replacements for all of my games. THAT was cool.

But I digress. Is the city worth visiting? Well Oakhurst is a nice, small, remote town. I imagine the only reason it holds up without Sierra is because of the tourists passing through to Yosemite. The home prices out there are kind of ridiculous…right now a decent 1500 sq ft place will probably be $250K+. But then again this is California. I could probably retire there, but I wouldn’t make a special trip just to check it out. If anything, make plans for a guided muleback trip in Yosemite and hit Oakhurst on your way up. Otherwise, if you want to scratch your nostalgia itch, play some of the old school Sierra stuff and if you’ve got any questions, Ken is pretty good about answering inquiries in the Ask Ken section of this board.