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Q from Brandon Klassen: What is the Open Discussion thead?

A from Ken Williams: Just send an email , and your email will immediately be forwarded to hundreds of other registered members of this website who have chosen under “System / My Account” to receive these emails. Your email will also be posted into the Open Discussion thread. Discuss anything you like, as long as you follow three simple rules: 1) Don’t spam, 2) Don’t use adult language, and 3) Don’t be boring.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST include the following text somewhere in the SUBJECT LINE of any emails you send to this email address: “***password***”. It does not matter where the ***password*** text appears within the subject line of your email, but if it is not there the email will not be forwarded to the list. This was done to prevent spammers and autoresponders sending to the list.

– Ken W

Q from Trixie: I’m already a member of the Sierra On-Line message board and I already receive e-mail with messages every day from the board. Is this a new thing that you’re doing?

A from Ken Williams: It’s nothing new – it’s just an alternate way for people to interact with, and participate in, the website. You can now post messages on the website through email. It’s not clear to me why anyone would ever want to do that – but, it is something that other “group-oriented” type websites, such as MSN Groups and Yahoo Groups offer. So, I added it for competitive reasons.

My belief is that there are people who will be willing to participate in discussions if they can do so through email, who would never ordinarily post a message on a message board. It’s less intimidating.

Feel free to take advantage of the email-based message board capability, or just ignore it – and, everything will work the same way it used to.

Q from Anonymous: Please unsubscribe me from this one. It’s very close to spamming to be honest.

A from Ken Williams: I am not a spammer. I do not like spammers. I don’t even like people who know people who are spammers… Please read the standard disclaimer that goes out on each email… That said, there are two ways to stop receiving emails from the website:

1) Choose the “My Account” menu, from under the System menu – and, uncheck the box “Permit registered visitors to this site to send me email” and then click the “Make Changes” button

2) Send an email with nothing but the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the SUBJECT LINE,