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sort of.

i ended up putting together a small team of people. it turned out to be just me on programming, and julie and sonia doing art, and a guy i met somewhere else doing the sound. julie and sonia both came up with some really great concept art and i used it to put together a popcorn themed puzzle game. the idea came to me because i noticed there is a huge popularity for small, simple puzzle games. i decided to theme it with popcorn because i love popcorn and there doesnt seem to be many games based on it.

i ended up coding a full 2d sprite engine in direct 3d for the game, which could easily be used for something else. it was just a sprite drawing engine that has alpha blending and rotation. but then i put together the first prototype of the game and it wasnt fun. that was a problem, obviously. the only way i can describe it is it was like a bad version of tetris attack with popcorn instead of blocks.

so i decided to wait and put the game on the backburner for a while. i am still convinced that a popcorn themed puzzle game would do alright considering the popularity of games like bejeweled and the others, but i need a better gameplay design first.

in the meantime i decided to make a little blackjack game and i asked julie to help me again and she agreed. we actually are very close to completion. it’s just her and i working on it. it’s turning out rather nice i think. simple, but fun. after all, it’s just classic blackjack.

so i guess you could say something did come from the puzzle game idea, just indirectly.