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It was a quiet and gloomy day.
I think it was in the month of May.
But flowers weren’t all a bloom.
Amongst the trash there was no room.

At the bottom of the Sierra hill you can only wonder
that something once great had gone asunder

From a window up so high
I heard a voice say why? why? why?
“Young lad, may I speak to you.
The games were great, the sky was blue!

I’ll tell you a story.
If you’ll listen my friend.
About the glory
of Roberta and Ken

They wrote for the games
With wonderful names
Like King’s Quest and Space Quest
and all the rest.

And the kids in the house
poised ready with mouse
waited to see
what the next game would be.

Play them they would, all day and all night
Eyes all a glow so happy and bright!
That quest for the crown, love lost and then found

Leisure Suite Larry,
Phantasmagoria so scary
Those were the days as I put it to you
Until the arrival of stinky VU

They littered the land with games that didn’t play
They took the old games and hid them away
The kids pleaded and cried for one remake or release
But nothing was heard from the VU beast

So take this last game from the Princes and Wizard
Hold strong against the VU blizzard
Then smile and claim
Ken and Roberta knew what made a great Sierra game!