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(Re: King’s Quest Online)


> As for the rating of a game, I would rather make a game like KQO that is
> rated “E” rather than “T” or “M” for the simple fact that KQ is about
> fairytale adventures and whimsical creatures. I would never even think
> of playing ANY game with the KQ name that was rated “M” because that is
> a debauchery of the franchise. KQO will not have blood in it. It also
> won’t have wanton killing. And above all (this is one of my main
> statements about describing KQO), it is NOT about just running around
> killing things.

Reading your thoughts, I’m sure you won’t do a KQ mod for DOOM or Unreal Tournament. This is laudable.

> Just because everything else that has MMO attached to it is about
> killing things doesn’t necessarily mean that killing things is all an
> MMO is capable of.

It is possible for a MMO not to include killing. You simply do not put
killing in. However, the BIG question is: how do you, as an author, manage to control the extent of interaction between multiple *autonomous* players? You still haven’t stated any core differences from the singleplayer counterpart.


> Forgive me if I sound a bit forceful, but it seems the prevailing
> opinion is I’m making an EQ clone and how dare I have the nerve to even
> think of mangling such a beloved franchise as KQ like that. Sadly,
> people who think this are only seeing what they want to see and nothing
> else, regardless of what I say……

No, who told you “how dare you”? I think nobody has any negativity towards you here.