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(Re: King’s Quest Online) Actually, after giving this some serious thought, I have come to the following conclusion:
The people here who have been posting represent a measure of the target audience I am designing KQO for.
That said, it seems the prevalent opinion is “don’t do it”. Perhaps there is some logic to this. Perhaps not.
In any event, I am going to cease design on a KQO title. Maybe it’s time to pull out that story I wrote a couple of years ago and see what I can come up with that. Better to do something new than go against the grain and offend people.
Maybe one day you’ll see the game you want to play on the shelf. Maybe not. But learn something from what I have tried to do: If you wish to lament and/or complain about the state of the industry, then do so in a constructive manner and then try to do something about it. Otherwise, your words are just going to join in the chorus of lamentation that permiates the adventure game genre.
Enough said. Good night (I’m going to bed) 😉
-David Reese (