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(Re: King’s Quest Online) An adventure game, as you know, is a game that stresses gameplay through the means of story and puzzle-solving elements.
An RPG, as you know, is a game that stresses gameplay through building up a character through combat.
Ignoring MOE for a moment, the KQ games were adventure games.
Games from the D&D universe or even the Quest for Glory series where RPG’s (though QFG was more of a hybrid adventure RPG than a straightforward RPG).
So, an MMORPG is basically an RPG that takes place in a persistant state world. Players build up their characters stats. They kill monsters to get gold and experience to get better gear so they can kill stronger monsters (and repeat infinitely until they get bored)
An MMOAG is basically an adventure game that takes place in a persistant state world. It is actually a hybrid adventure RPG like QFG in that you have the ability to build up your character, but the emphasis is on puzzle solving and story elements along with combat. It’s a balancing issue, but ultimately, the game isn’t just about killing things.
KQO features combat and puzzle solving elements. MOE wasn’t that great of a KQ game, but it did do a good job of telling a story while infusing RPG-like qualities into it.
As for the rating of a game, I would rather make a game like KQO that is rated “E” rather than “T” or “M” for the simple fact that KQ is about fairytale adventures and whimsical creatures. I would never even think of playing ANY game with the KQ name that was rated “M” because that is a debauchery of the franchise. KQO will not have blood in it. It also won’t have wanton killing. And above all (this is one of my main statements about describing KQO), it is NOT about just running around killing things.
Just because everything else that has MMO attached to it is about killing things doesn’t necessarily mean that killing things is all an MMO is capable of. Thats just all people are playing right now because that’s the only thing on the market. People can talk about wanting to play something different, but the simple fact of the matter is there’s nothing else for them to play.
Naysaying aside, you can’t help but be at least the slightest bit curious and hopeful at what I am trying to accomplish. To say you (you as in people in general) are not is to sit behind your computer making idealistic judgements about how pathetic games have become while doing nothing about it but complaining and doing nothing productive to change the cycle.
Forgive me if I sound a bit forceful, but it seems the prevailing opinion is I’m making an EQ clone and how dare I have the nerve to even think of mangling such a beloved franchise as KQ like that. Sadly, people who think this are only seeing what they want to see and nothing else, regardless of what I say……
-David Reese (