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(Re: King’s Quest Online) Hi, Deon, and the rest of you,
I fully agree with Deon. Thank you for taking the time to tell us your opinion.
One of the participants on the forum said something along the lines that Ken Williams was a prophet regarding the multiplayer future of adventure games. That is not how I see things.
Some years ago I remember reading the actual interview with Ken Williams where he stated it, and I also remember thinking “Ken, this time you are plain wrong”.
Back during the times of the internet boom, and from what I gather from the current discussion, a lot of people thought and still think that multiplayer features can be slapped into every game.
My question is then, how about slapping multiplayer features in ebooks? What would this bring to the table? Nothing. By virtue of their stories, adventure games are like books, and you don’t want to be reading a book whose story has not been well defined by the author, do you? Imagine buying a 100 page book that has only 10 pages filled in by the author. Imagine such a book bearing an inscription asking the reader to gather as many friends as he/she likes to fill in the remaining 90 pages. That would fall into the “multiplayer” category. Would you buy such a book? If you did, would it be fun?
Think about it.