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(Re: King’s Quest Online) Reading this email was like reading my mind – I feel the exact same way. The only reason why online games are “kill-a-rama” affairs with no story is because that is what we as gamers have come to expect. It’s what we pay for month to month and it’s what the industry will continue to give us because marketing studies show thats what gamers want to play.
The main difference between KQO and games like EverQuest is in the genre.
Everquest = MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game)
Kings Quest Online = MMOAG (Massively Multiplayer Adventure Game)
KQO isn’t a kill-a-thon. I use the term “kill monsters” in the design document without even thinking about it, but truth be told, there won’t be any killing in the game. It is my hope that if KQO becomes a reality, it’ll come packaged with an “E” rating (Everyone). Players will combat monsters, but it won’t end up in death. Monsters will “poof” away as if by magic. And while the player may appear to “die”, they are actually becoming incapacitated and their “soul” is transported to the Underworld where more adventures and stories await. Death is something I want to stay far away from with KQO. Everything in your message states everything I am not doing with KQO.
It is as far away from EverQuest or other clones as the Earth is from the sun.
-David Reese (