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(Re: King’s Quest Online)

Err – the faction list got fangled up in the email… here it is as I
wanted it to be displayed (in a readable format)

Faction Name / Faction Type
Royal Houses of Caranous / Good
Faerie Triumvirate / Good
Guardians of the Vale / Good
Consortium of Magi / Good
Order of Black Cloaks / Evil
The Nameless / Evil
Assassins Blade / Evil
Crimson Tear / Evil
Path of the Wanderers / Neutral
Keepers of the Vault / Neutral
Druids of the Isles / Neutral
Merchants Guild / Neutral

-David Reese  wrote:

>Here’s something for you guys to take a look at. While I don’t want to
>go into details about the Quest System (it IS one of the cornerstones of
>the game and is what I consider the heart and soul of the game), I can
>share with you one of the systems that affects the Quest System in a
>very major way. In fact, this system affects just about everything in
>the game. I have taken what has been done in the past and taken it to
>it’s next logical step. I have played a variety of MMO games and while
>all of them have this paticular type of system, none of them comes close
>to the potential of the system.
>Below is a draft of the Faction System (it’s far from finalized, but it
>gives you an idea as to what one of the directions the game will take).
>Enjoy and as always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Also –
>if you got any ideas, feel free to share em! 😉
>11.0 The Faction System
>Every NPC in the game belongs to a group of like-minded NPCs. These
>groups are called Factions. When a player does something good for an
>NPC, he/she will gain Faction Points with the Faction that NPC belongs
>to while loosing Faction Points with Factions that are opposed to the
>Faction the player is doing something good for. This also applies for
>doing something bad to an NPC (in which case, the player will loose
>Faction Points with the Faction the affected NPC belongs too while
>gaining Faction Points with factions that are opposed to the affected
>11.1 The Effects of Faction
>Faction Points determine how an NPC (or group of NPCs) feel about the
>character the player is playing. Characters with high Faction will be
>treated more hospitably and friendlier by NPCS of that Faction while
>characters with low Faction will be treated with scorn and
>unfriendliness by NPCs of that Faction.
>Faction is also used to determine the types of prices merchants set when
>dealing with players (buying and selling) as well as determining the
>types of Quests NPCs will give to players (if any).
>Faction also plays a role in the notoriety of the character the player
>is playing (which also has an effect on merchants and other NPC types).
>Additionally, certain Quests and Uber-Quests can only be initiated by
>players who are in either high or low standing with certain factions.
>Through the Faction system, it is possible to play either good or bad
>characters and the story the player participates in will be dictated by
>the type of character a player chooses to play.
>11.2 Faction Rankings
>Faction Rankings are detailed below from worst to best. The effects of
>each Ranking will be determined on a Faction-to-Faction basis.
>” Despised (-500 through -300 points)
>” Hated ( -299 through -101 points)
>” Indifferent (-100 through 100 points)
>” Appreciated (101 through 299 points)
>” Loved (300 through 500 points)
>11.3 Faction Listing
>Listed here is a list of all of the Factions in the game.
>Faction Name Faction Type
>Royal Houses of Caranous Good
>Order of Black Cloaks Evil
>Druids of the Isles Neutral
>Merchants Guild Neutral
>Faerie Triumvirate Good
>Guardians of the Vale Good
>Assassins Blade Evil
>Crimson Tear Evil
>Path of the Wanderers Neutral
>Keepers of the Vault Neutral
>The Nameless Evil
>Consortium of Magi Good
>-David Reese
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