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(Re: King’s Quest Online)

Ok – I got a quick question for you guys. I need some feedback on the
race/classes in the game. I feel that what I have designed is a lot like
QFG and I am wondering what you guys think of this paticular approach.
Would bringing a QFG-like class system into a KQ game be too much of a

7.0 Races

As there are three kingdoms, there are three main races, with each land
the homeland of a particular race. Below are brief descriptions of each
of the races. For more information, see the design document addendum

7.1 Human

While they live in every land, Daventry is considered the home of the
Humans. The rolling plains and pristine landscapes of Daventry are the
ideal home of these family-oriented people. Humans are somewhat stronger
than the other races. The preferred class of this race is the Brigand.

7.2 Lupini

The Land of the Green Isles is home of the honorable Lupini, a race of
dogs that, through an ancient enchantment, have learned to walk on two
legs and speak in all manner of languages. They are a tightly knit
society that hold honor and duty above all else. Due to this, they are
most often found serving as protectors of the peace. Their loyalty to
the Court of the Green Isles is unwavering. Lupini are exceedingly
agile, making them the fastest race. On the reverse side of the coin,
they arent quite as strong. They also have a keen sense of smell. The
preferred class of this race is the Adventurer.

7.3 Elfkind

Elves call Etheria home. Though their heritage has been lost to time, it
is believed the elves are related to the Faerie. They are graceful and
sublime as well as somewhat arrogant. They respect no one save the
Etheria Court and Oberon and Titania, whom they believe are their
parents. Elfkind are naturally gifted in magic, but arent quite as
strong or agile as the other races. They also have keen eyesight. The
preferred class of this race is the Magus.

8.0 Classes

There are three main classes. Below is a brief description of each
class. For more detailed information, see the design document addendum

8.1 Adventurer

The Adventurer is resourceful and brave. They are the explorers,
navigators, and travelers of the world. They are also known for their
bravery and it is not common to see an adventurer going where no one
else would dare. Due to their adventurous ways, they are skilled in a
wide variety of things ranging from swordsmanship to negotiation. They
also possess rudimentary magic ability, enabling to learn basic spells.

8.2 Magus

The Magus is the intellectual class. Their pursuit of knowledge in all
things has given them an increased magical ability. They are learned
scholars and historians and are also versed in a variety of languages.
The Magus can learn spells from a variety of schools, making them a
powerful force to be reckoned with.

8.3 Brigand

The Brigand is a stealthy class. Many consider them to be thieves and
pirates. The truth is both of these apply. The Brigand leads their life
in the shadows and considers any target a challenge, be it cutting the
purse of a traveler or stealing a prized painting from a nobles manor.
The one thing that the Brigand holds to is the Brigands Code, an
archaic list of dos and donts that every Brigand is sworn to abide by.
They have no magical ability as they consider magic to be more of a
distraction than a use.

-David Reese  wrote:

>To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t agree with you more on the point
>about KQ games being done by Roberta and Roberta only. The only problem
>is I don’t think the Williams family has any desire in doing another KQ
>game. Actually, from a totally legal standpoint, no one should be making
>a KQ game, not even Roberta. The reason is that legally, KQ is a
>property that is owned by Sierra, and therefore Vivendi Universal. That
>means that if Roberta ever wanted to do another KQ game, she would have
>to either obtain permission from Sierra/VU to use their copyrighted
>franchise, come up with a game design and pitch it to Sierra/VU and see
>if they won’t develop it internally with her help, or wait for the
>patent on the franchise to expire (which can only happen if either
>Sierra/VU allows the patent to lapse and not renew or if they stop
>producing games in the franchise for something like 20 years.)
>However, from a personal point of view, I believe that it is possible to
>come up with a storyline and a game that is just as good as what Roberta
>made. And I can assure you that I am taking as much caution as I can to
>ensure that the storyline I come up with can stand on it’s own next to
>any of the other KQ games. To do any less would be a discredit to the KQ
>The main challenge I am facing at the moment in the design process is
>integrating not one land, but eight lands, each with their own unique
>look and feel. This is easier to accomplish with lands from the later KQ
>games (KQIV-VII) as they have been fleshed out in such a way as to allow
>designers the freedom to expand upon. The hardest land I am having
>trouble with, to be honest, is Kolyma (the land from KQII).
>The Tierra remake of KQII does an admirable job of expanding upon the
>land while keeping in tune with the themes already present in the games
>original form. I am attempting to do something similar to what Tierra
>did, but in something of a different matter. The other challenge I am
>facing, speaking of the lands, is coming up with appropriate content
>that matches the themes of each of the lands that hasn’t already been
>done before. I don’t want people to confuse what I am doing as a
>multiplayer version of the KQ series rolled up into one with the same
>stories and puzzles. While I plan on keeping the structure of lands
>intact, I will be expanding on them (which means that in addition to
>seeing the Cliffs of Knowledge on the Isle of the Winged Ones, you’ll
>also see other puzzles and locations to facilitate reaching the main
>part of the island.)
>I also plan on making puzzles that require multiple people to
>Also, for the record, the lands I am planning on for KQO are as follows
>(taken directly from the design doc):
>4.0 The Lands of Caranous
>Eight distinct lands populate the world of Caranous. Below is a brief
>description of each land.
>4.1 Daventry
>This land, known for its rolling fields and pristine mountains, is home
>of King Graham and Queen Valanice. A central hub of the world, many
>people and creatures call Daventry home and live in peace under the rule
>of the Royal Family.
>4.2 Kolyma
>The Land of Fables, Kolyma is home to fairytale creatures. Lacking any
>major populace centers, citizens o