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(Re: King’s Quest Online)

The main problem with creating a KQ title (from what I have read from
developer interviews and retrospectives) was coming up with an original
story with interesting characters. One of the main complaints people
have with KQIII when it first came out was the fact that the game’s main
character had the appearance of not having anything to do with the Royal
Family (obviously these complaints were when the game first came out and
before people had a chance to play through the game.) The storyline I
am developing for the game is something that uses the Royal Family as a
catalyst to bring assorted game characters into the world. It is not my
intention to have any playable character in the game be tied to the
Royal Families or established characters, though I am designing
different races for people to play that bears similiarities to
established character types (such as the dog guards from KQVI).

The premise of finding the Queens is designed as a catalyst. While the
overall goal of the game is to find the Queens, the storyline lends
itself to being open to new elements as the game matures. For example,
you could rescue Valanice from an evil member of the Black Cloak Society
and bring her back to Daventry only to discover you have brought an
illusion that enables a Black Cloak Society wizard to attempt to
assasinate Graham. Or perhaps the kidnapping was merely a diversion for
something more sinister… Something that has nothing to do whatsoever
with the Black Cloak Society……


-David Reese  wrote:

>A few years ago I gave serious thought to how an online adventure world
>would have to run, technically, in concept, and I started writing a design

>document. I can’t remember if I’ve posted an excerpt from that here before

>or not. Not neccessarily a King’s Quest, but just a 3D online game that
>incorporated adventure elements properly while making use of RPG, combat,
>and realistic world elements.
>While a King’s Quest Online game should use the established lands, I’m not

>so sure about your suggested plot idea. The story elements shouldn’t, I
>believe, come from 1) established KQ characters and 2) from an
>initially-stated problem.
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