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Hey you forgot Police Quest Series. Personally, it was one of the best
series. Quest for Glry series were amazing too.

Some free procjetcs are running at this time: 

Some games are finished:

Space Quest the Lost Chapter 

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Enviado: Sáb 28/02/2004 00:16:57 AM
Asunto: Game Idea

I’d actually be interested in hearing ANY game ideas with a Sierra-esque
quality to them not just online game.

I also wondering what Sierra Games were your favorites.

Humor in games is a lost art and in my opinion much needed. It’s what
made Space Quest, Quest for Glory, and Leisure Suit Larry stand on its
own and although I would consider certain Kings Quest games in a
favorite list it was not per say my favorite series.

That’s just my opinion though, what about everyone else?



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