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(King’s Quest Online)

Well, since I’ve danced around the concept here, I might as well bite
the bullet and give you guys a premise for King’s Quest Online….

(These two sections are taken from the ever-growing design document that
I am working on).

1.0 What is Kings Quest Online?

Kings Quest Online, herein referred to as KQO, is a Massively
Multiplayer Adventure Game (MMOAG) that takes place in the world of
Caranous. This world is comprised of numerous lands that have previously
been seen in other Kings Quest games (Daventry, Kolyma, Land of the
Green Isles, etc). Players create and assume the role of characters
based upon the KQ games. Gameplay will consist of solving puzzles,
combating evil creatures, exploring the assorted lands, and interacting
with other players and NPCs.

2.0 Basic Storyline

The game takes place during the time between KQVII and KQVIII. The Black
Cloak Society has kidnapped Queen Cassima of the Land of the Green
Isles, Queen Rosella of Etheria, and Queen Valanice of Daventry. The
Kings of the assorted lands (Alexander, Edgar, and Graham) have sent a
royal call to all adventurers to find the missing Queens and bring them
home safely.

-David Reese