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(Re: Game Idea)

Trust me, you don’t want to know all the Sierra-esque game ideas I’ve
come with since I was a boy that were single player affairs. We’d both
be here for days (lol).

Anyway, to answer your question, my favorite Sierra games are (in this

1) King’s Quest VI
2) Quest for Glory I
3) Gabriel Knight I
4) The Black Cauldron
5) King’s Quest III
6) Quest for Glory IV

Humor was one of the things that attracted me to the Quest for Glory
series, but I could never get into either Space Quest or Liesure Suit
Larry because I felt that the humor was too “over-the-top”. That and to
be perfectly honest, the subject matter in both SQ and LSL were never my
cup of tea (though I have played games in both series). To me, having
characters that I could relate to on some level was one of the main
draws of KQ and QFG. That’s not to say I’ve ever had experiences like
the characters in those games, but the underlying themes struck a cord
with me, even at a young age. By the same token, of course, I could
never get into the Police Quest games because the subject matter in that
series was too serious. So I can see your point about humor. 😉

Actually, speaking of Quest for Glory, does anyone know what Lorie and
Cory Cole are up these days?

-David Reese  wrote:

>I’d actually be interested in hearing ANY game ideas with a Sierra-esque
>quality to them not just online game.
>I also wondering what Sierra Games were your favorites.
>Humor in games is a lost art and in my opinion much needed. It’s what
>made Space Quest, Quest for Glory, and Leisure Suit Larry stand on its
>own and although I would consider certain Kings Quest games in a
>favorite list it was not per say my favorite series.
>That’s just my opinion though, what about everyone else?
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