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(RE: I will work for PEANUTS!)

True. True. True.

This is a Sierra Gamer Forum we just need some ideas floating around so
we can tack it down, nail it with a staple gun, and drive ourselves
bloody crazy coming up with some great game ideas and plan it out, and
that’s just the beginning.

I have some practice writing game design docs as I’m sure you do as

Maybe if more people come up than you and I we can start talking about

I always like the humor in the Quest for Glory series and that would be
my choice in the style of game. I’ve always wanted to put an coffee
stand in the middle of the desert of Shapier and have a character like
Abu (from the Simpsons) try to sell him hot coffee – all the ice melted
no cold drinks – in the middle of the desert while the character is on
the brink of dehydration. Theres nothing like being hot and tired on
the brink of death with only hot coffee to drink AND you’ve got to pay
for it.

Anyway, I’m weird so I like weird games.

Oh yeah design docs…maybe everyone in the group could all pitch some
game ideas or better yet some rough out game design docs.

For anyone that interested I pasted Chris Taylors Game Design Document
below this e-mail. I don’t think I can attach anything to the Sierra
Gamers Mailing List. If anyone’s interested in receiving the actual
Word Document send me an e-mail.

Thanks Dave for that.