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(RE: The Future of Quest Games…)


I’m was trying to figure whether someone else typed this or I slept
walked to the computer and typed this in my sleep. I have had the same
sort of experience though I’m sure millions of other people have had.

However, …

On-line gaming and story telling are two subjects which don’t
necessarily go hand in hand. I have yet to see a what I would consider
a good implementation of these melding of these two things. Not that
isn’t possible and with a Adventure story gathering it does lead to an
interesting thought.

I do know how much on-line games take to produce and how many man hours
these take to produce and can say it would be impossible to produce
something of quality, or even produce anything, with just the fans we
can dig up. We would be run over.

I am interested in seeing how Blizzard owned by Vivendi, who also is the
parent company of Sierra as well establishes the story telling/gameplay
element in the on-line universe with the upcoming release of World of
Warcraft. It will either be a major success or a complete bust but you
will see me on-line in that universe if that comes to fruition – because
I do believe on-line is the future as do many major companies and just
about the whole universe. Heck I’ll be honest I just like playing stuff
like that if it’s good.

Good Thought into that though…you seem to have some thought into this
a little rather than blundering out the most popular ideas.

If anyone mention putting King’s Quest on Cell Phones I will kill them
with my bare hands and a spoon in the style of Robin Hood – Men in

Aloha 🙂