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(RE: I will work for PEANUTS!)

Hey man, I understand. I thought it was humorous though I had to take
seriously as well – because it does have that idea of he’s busy golfing
making Sierra games while we are still here sitting hoping he does one

I mean we all are part of this mailing list for some sort of reason. We
Enjoy those games and like seeing them.

I played Tierra’s KQ2 re-make and enjoyed the extra story line.
it changed the King’s Quest ‘rules’, and I say rules because there were
certain guidelines which Kings Quest operated and mixed it with say
something along the lines of QG4, or Quest for Glory 4 (Mordavia).

I’m speculating here but I think the release of KQ9 has a lot to do with
that cloaked character (maybe that’s Graham too from another time – it
does add to the ruby ring/cloak mystery). I find more storyline better
and although KQ2’s remake didn’t stay true to the Kings Quests series
persay I do believe it stayed true to Sierra Adventure Games.

The batcave animation cracked me up. Some things however remained in
the remake which just pissed me off in the original. Like the entrance
to Dracula’s castle and the thorn bushes which kill you if you walk into
I’ve must’ve saved and loaded 10 times each time I was on that screen.

What were you guys thinking Ken! Oh it was fun anyway


I’ve never played Syberia…but fans could definetly make something
along those lines. Syberia was put together with Virtools, and being so
it seems it was produced on an indie-sized budget (I am not sure – It
certainly wasn’t marketed on one) – It had an excellent script and story
I hear…but I’ve never played the game. I intend to eventually. 

Does anyone know how much Syberia took to make?
Anyway a bit of a side track there…I’ve never played Broken Sword

For anyone not familiar with Virtools it is a combination engine and
production studio.

I think with some decent organization, some interest (which I believe we
have), and some talent we could put together something like what Tierra
did. Maybe shoot a bit higher if we have some good tools.

Anyway, I do know how hard it is to make a game. I am a programmer as
well as an artist. I’m in school right now at AI in San Diego for Game
Art & Design. I have many years to kick into a game or games if people
would like to do that.

Anyway, before I ramble on.