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(RE: I will work for PEANUTS!) Although this may be truer now and I see your point…I think he’s earned it.

He spent a lot of time and hard work building Sierra into what is was. Retirement is well deserved. Although I wish he would get back in and lead a project he is enjoying life – which he should.

I think if we want to see any more games like Sierra’s originals we just have to make them ourselves.

Otherwise how can we just sit around and complain about him. It’s not really his responsibility to make sure we get those games. And we really can’t be angry. Neither is this mailing list or the website. I don’t know why he does that other than to try to be friends with his loyal fans.

If we get angry we might as well be angry with ourselves as well. There are more that enough tools out there for an indie project to get off the ground with enough support and enough talented people to make Sierra-esque games.

Hey, wait they’re already doing it!

I think my point is clear.