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(RE: I will work for PEANUTS!) Message GraS,

Or Cashews. But I would never work for them.

I think you may enjoy this site, if only just for their domain name.


I would buy a Ken Quest but you lost me on that pithy word.

“One” of the definitions of pithy is consisting of or resembling pith. Pith of which is defined numerously and differently for each case. Usually the center of a plant or animal of which the most common definition is the spinal cord or bone marrow, of which most commonly is that of a cow. So a pithy statement might be one that deals with killing cattle by cutting the spinal cord.

Hell I’d even buy a Ken Quest: The Cattle Murder Mystery could be a sequel to Laura Bow?

Anyway!, ( thought it was funny- but I’m weird)

If you ever decide to make an indie Ken I think you will find a following of support for you all around you everywhere you look.

Thank you for sitting through the bad puns to see my point! Aloha,


adj. pith·i·er, pith·i·est
Precisely meaningful; forceful and brief: <CITE>a pithy comment.</CITE> Consisting of or resembling pith.

Botany. The soft, spongelike, central cylinder of the stems of most flowering plants, composed mainly of parenchyma. Zoology. The soft inner substance of a feather or hair. Archaic. Spinal cord or bone marrow. etc..

tr.v. pithed, pith·ing, piths To remove the pith from (a plant stem). To sever or destroy the spinal cord of, usually by inserting a needle into the vertebral canal. To kill (cattle) by cutting the spinal cord.