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I remember when I started playing DOOM. I was about 13-14 yeard old. I loved the game. My parents constantly told me that it’s just a game and it’s not real, and that what is happening in the game is wrong. I told them I know and that I didn’t play it because of the killing things: I played it because it was fun. DOOM is still one of my favorite games, along with SQ1, Pac-Man, BC’s Quest for Tires, and The Legend of Zelda.

Now I’m a father, and I’ve adopted the same idea my parents had: review everything my kid sees (even “kid” stuff) and then let him play. I found some mature games (well, actuatly Quake 3) was child aceptable when you turn off the blood/gore settings and install a “non violent” addon, like freeze tag. You basicly go around freezing people!

I agree with you Ken: Ratings are important. Not as important to me because I know what game are about and my parents didn’t (so a rating is meaningless to me). But stopping mature people from getting the games/movies/etc they want is pretty stupid.

Parents should watch and play with their kids, not just buy them a copy of something and send them on their way.

On a personal note, I find most Disney cartoons to violent and prefer “Bear in the Big Blue House,” “Veggie Tales,” and “Seaseme Streat.”. I enjoy those too! 🙂