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I love the software rating idea, but personaly hate the one they have out now (nothing against you ken). The one I like was the one my copy of “Final DOOM” came with. It we 3/4 little thermeters. One represented violence, languague, sex, and gore. The higher on the meter the more something had in it. It gave a better description of what was IN the game then the “Teen for 13+ children”. I belive the use of the word “hell” was enough to give Doom the euqivilent of the teen rating back then.

I just never felt the rating systems (TV, movie, and game) realy told what parents wanted to know. I felt it also stood the test of time. Saying a game had frontal nudity is a costant, but the ratings change (when Robocop was R when it came out, but was changed to PG-13 when that rating was added.)