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I picked up my new gateway laptop and have started the process of setting up my routine quad-boot configuration. So far I’ve run into tremendous difficulties with the pcmcia cardbus controller. I had a similar issue while doing the same configuration on my old laptop, so it’s not too surprising. I’ve just about solved the issue but not after several hours of research over the course of two days.

Reflecting on this situation I’ve come to the decision that it would not be possible to properly document the procedure to create a quad-boot setup similar to my own. There are too many hardware factors that come into play that can, for the most part, be surmounted through extensive research, but such statements in a walkthrough would be inappropriate and create unnecessary pitfalls for some who may try to follow the instructions.

Most of the headache comes from Windows 95. I love the OS, for sure, but it’s a pain to setup properly on modern machines. DOS, on the other hand, is not nearly so difficult. It would be much simpler to write a walkthrough to dual-boot msdos with your current OS. That I can do for sure, laptop or pc. But right now, I have work to do and a lot more research ahead of me to get this thing running.

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