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(re: re: re: re: Building Old Computers For Sierra Gaming) Ken, if you’re reading, did Sierra have a gigantic library like Westwood? Or Nintendo. I heard the Big N has every arcade machine ever legally made for the employees to play.

We did try to assemble a library of games, and computer magazines, a couple of times — but, overall, we really weren’t very organized in this area.
There were a few reasons, the largest of which was that the company was scattered across 15 or so locations. Dynamix in Oregon, Sierra and Brightstar in Seattle, Papyrus in Boston, Headgate in Utah, Berkley in San Francisco, The other Sierra in central California, Coktel in Paris, Impressions in another part of Boston, etc etc. There really wasn’t a place for a library.
Also: I really didn’t support things like playing games at work. I certainly supported playing games after work, but had a different opinion about the workplace. I always think work means work. If you have time for playing games at work, then somehow you missed the fact that competitors are out to kill you. As VU Games seems to have discovered, it is TOUGH to make money selling software. We succeeded only because we worked harder, worked more hours, and worked smarter, than our competitors. Microsoft and Electronic Arts are tough companies to beat. Taking market share from them had nothing to do with playing games…
-Ken W