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Only issue I have is constantly misplacing crap. Some computers are dissasembled all over the place 😀 like the tandy’s becasue i always *MORE* power per unit.

actually, since i’ve scrapped lots of crap, i’m working on small home network using OSs from Red Hat and SuSE Linux (don’t trust any other versions) to WinXPHome and WinXPPRo (include Mac 9.2.2 and Mac Panther when the time’s right). With PC, it’s just PowerLeap that damned computer to a K6-3/550, but with Apple PCs, money is the concern. Plus the nasty rumor the Virtual PC doesn’t run on Mac G5 (load of crap, it’s Panther that doesn’t run it *well*)

if invited to my house, you’d only see, right now, just the Compaq and Mac in the living room, a GameCube, a broken PS2 (sniff sniff sob sob) and two or three PCs I’m building.

I’ve been to Westwood in the old Arville Office when I was friends with Rick Coco Gush, and a few other guys who have went into the ether. Brett was very nice when Virgin/Viacom owned the company, but, as in Sierra gets bought by VU Games, EA chopped Westwood into so many pieces, and Brett because a jerk! (To me, anyways.) If I recall, in the early ’90s, Westwood and Sierra were in a pissing contest for the better product. Seems to me (just me) that the games were one par to one another, thought Westwood released far more less than Sierra did. I think it would’ve been groovy if Sierra did buy Westwood. Imagine Legend of Kyrandia being installed in C:\SIERRA\KYRANDIA and using Sierra installation programs and such.

When the company moved to Summerlin, I didn’t visit at all, as I hate Summerlin and the horrible wackos that in produced to crowd Vegas streets. I’m sorry, but i’m not going to drive for more than 20 minutes to get somewhere, yet the Scummerlins are driving an hour or more, causing all of our traffic jams! GRR!!

Plus my buddy, Mr. Lands of Lore (and Kyrandia) Rick left in 1998 or so, and I just stopped supporting Westwood after that, exept for NOX. NOX is cool, NOX is fun. NOX doesn’t have a serial number anymore.

However, Ken, if you’re reading, did Sierra have a gigantic library like Westwood? Or Nintendo. I heard the Big N has every arcade machine ever legally made for the employees to play.