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(re: Building Old Computers For Sierra Gaming) I just need to buy a nice new tower case, and I’ll have to watch for another monitor cause the one I have doesn’t do 16-color EGA, only black and white. Odd, but what do you expect from a free used monitor? It runs from 320×200 to 800×600 in 256-color VGA properly.

The monitor? Check the video card first. Usually monitors are not the problem when it comes to display modes, especially low resolution and color. In fact, the only problem I’ve ever come across with monitors and display modes is the refresh rate can be a pain. However, newer video cards absolutely SUCK at supporting the old EGA/VGA graphics resolutions. I’ve had old Sierra games (which never flickered once on my Number 9 VLB video card) flicker like mad on my GeForce 2 MX. As for making a new “old” system, I’ve thought about it, and have more than ample parts, including a 386 motherboard, with an i386/33, i387, and close to 64 MB of 30 pin RAM. XD Not sure if it still works though. I’ll have to find an ISA video card.