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During the late ’90s, I used sleep for 1A till 4A and play video games till I had to go to work or class, at around noon. I’d get home ’round 5 or 6 and play till 1A. Then I remembers that women existed and I wanted to meet some.

I still sleep this pattern today, but I’m more doing work on the PC or ordering stuff for my businesses. I think I’m nuts.

Funny, but a strange combination of adventure and racing was Ridge Racer 4, which I bleemed onto PC for some strange reason. Oh, yeah, I couldn’t stand the 320 x 200 resolution of the original PlayStation, so I played that on my PC. It had this story mode, and the coaches were quite sarcastic.

Hey, speaking of which, I liked NASCAR Racing on PlayStation! I thought that was so cool about 9 years ago or so (maybe 8). And it was a Sierra game, that’s why I bought it!