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(re: The Sierra Pest) Hey Ken,
I’m flattered you remembered me! Please tell Johnny I say hello. It sure does sound like a different business then Sierra that he works at. You could tell that he just adored Sierra. I remember him showing me around one day and sniffing the air and saying “someone has the popcorn machine on, lets go grab some”. I sure wish you guys would have stayed in with Sierra long enough for me to get a job there 😉
It sounds like you and Roberta are living it up! As the Aussies say, “Good on ya”. You guys deserve it. Why is it I have this funny feeling you’ll be back in games some day? <big grin>
All the Best, and if you decide to drive the Titanic over to Australia, drop in for a “cuppa” at my place

The Sierra Pest!===>all grown up