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(re: re: re: re: re: re: Retro the old sierra) So it’s your belief that if you had training and proper spelling then YOUR the man?!? get real here. the whole bus. thing is made complicated and lawyer like by stupid educations like you refer. the whole thing is based one one thing in transaction, it’s either yes or no, that people like you think otherwise is your loss not ours. but this board is not meant to discuss this i believe it’s meant for sierra fans. so tell me what do you lose from this? there might be a option to see the old sierra games one more time, or not… so again tell me, what holds you back in telling what you want to see? or is it , that if it’s no, you got hurt in your feelings and it will take you alt least 3 years to get over it?? i don’t think so, so please let’s end this dumb discussion.