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(re: re: Retro the old sierra) okay as far of the postings regarding retro old sierra:
What were looking for is as following:
* would you buy a new adventure game regarding one ofthese adventures?
* if so wich one?
* what would you like to see in it (ex. a point to click interface or a text typing interface (our favorit))
*and for Ken Williams, Roberta Williams, Al lowe, Marc crowe and Scott murphy would you be interested (for the right money) to do one?
(if anybody around here know those people in person please let them now and respond)
So if we get the feeling of you that a lot of people are waiting for these games, we then take the next step and trying to negotiate and buy the rights from vivendi (if the price is right for them, they will sell…why not collect money for something you don’t use anymore?)
If the interest in these games is right, and the designers say that they will consider and talk to us and we can agree, then the next step is here.
What do we want: simple! reform the former design group put them in a new company and give them the tools (money) to do another game! it’s that simple but…. for example, we read interviews on the web too, and for example is marc crowe (who works for game company, or he own’s it) will do another game with scott murphy.. anyway this is how clear as it can be for now and hopefully you guys will help trying to get the designers to do this or at least consider it..

we hope for your support,