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(re: re: re: Is this the reaction????) Well, I guess it really is to early to get really excited about things, but I believe that it is about time for us to prove what the Sierra comunity is worth. All of those petitions and aggressive writings to the Sierra headquarters and the fuss on this web site have found a listening ear at last!
Basically what I wanted to say was that I was rather surprised to read endless threads about some bug in QFG something bla, but then a brief response by Ken turned out to be the only reaction to that, what in my view may be the greatest news since those about Jane Jensen’s new game being in development.
This is why I think we should at least try to find out what we can do in order to support those plans and then do our very best to make it happen! Otherwise everything this site is about would lose it’s substance and it would turn to a dusty collection of empty words…. sounds rather sad to me!