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(re: Whoa whoa WHOA!!!) Somewhere there has to be some rich guy who loved Sierra games as a kid, and then got really weathy off the dot-com explosion in 99. Someone who has just enough nostalgia combined with money to buy back the Sierra name and the rights to the original games. It’s not a solution, but it’s a starting point for whatever is to come of the new “game development team” starting here.

It’s ridiculous to say that there is no more value left in Kings Quest, Space Quest, QFG, etc… everyone knows that groups of hard-core fans are working every second of their free time to create fan-sequels! That’s madness! That’s the people stepping up and telling the world that if they don’t get what they want, they’re going to make it themselves! And then there are the groups remaking the old games from scratch on AGS and offering them for free! No other games have that kind of dedication. Do they have an overdeveloped sense of nostalgia? Yes. George Lucas made a lot of money off nostalgia with the Star Wars prequels, and weren’t even very good.

Plus imagine the publicity opportunities for the “Rebirth of Sierra” – a phoenix rising from the ashes of corporate destruction! I agree there are a lot of people that would work for dirt cheap to have a Sierra business card– the old sierra on-line that is. There is a strong desire in the hearts of young programmers to make memorable adventure games and work for a company that cares and respects them and their customers.

Where are you nostalgic rich guy? Help us out!