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(Whoa whoa WHOA!!!) Recently I’ve been seeing alot of people coming up with ideas, plots, schemes, etc…, for trying to ‘retake Sierra’. Why?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the main benefit from getting Sierra back would be the quest games, as well as Half-Life, Homeworld, and the Tolkien lisence. However, consider this:
All of the heavily estabished ‘old sierra’ games are on around their eighth game (except for Quest for Glory, but that is one of the few series which was actually completed). At this point, it would be extremely hard to restart any of those series (plot holes would spring up and multiply, because of either new teams, or just the long hiatus between games). Getting new people to play the a new game would be difficult too, because the sheer amount of intimidation caused by the number 8.
Furthermore, with those three huge properties above, it would be pretty impossible to get Vivendi to let go of it.
Which is why I suggest this: all of you people (myself included) who grew up with the goal of working at Sierra… let go of it.
Before I get a whole bunch of people trying frantically to find Blair Smith’s (me) address, so you can tie me up and hang me, let me clarify. The goal shouldn’t be the uphill battle of trying to reclaim sierra, but to make games with the spirit of sierra in mind. Getting a successful company together, which would produce high quality games, with a similar working environment, and similar direction. If such a company could actually wedge it’s way into a market dominated by EA, Activision, and other such behemoths… it would be a far greater victory than reclaiming Sierra would.

Okay, now you can tie me up and hang me! 😀