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> There are, perhaps, in addition to the 1,000+ original Sierra employees, at least another 1000 hard-core gamers, who would be willing to work for a living wage, just to have a Sierra business card, me included. < This is actually something a lot of people don’t know about me… In 1997 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, my prognosis was pretty good, but I felt like crap all day. I called my dear friend Cindy at Sierra, and she got approval to have me go inside. I’m still under a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means I can’t talk about the projects that weren’t released, but man, being at Sierra, inside Sierra, saved my life. I met up with AL Lowe and Jane Jensen, some terrific graphic artists, sound artists, programmers. It was the best day of my life. When they closed Yosemite I cried for days. I couldn’t understand. I now had a life with no purpose, I couldn’t work for Sierra, not the new Sierra… it wasn’t the same. They didn’t care like they did in the old days. I always wanted to be the Hero, I wanted to save the town… all I wanted was a Sierra business card, and for Ken to come by one day, and tell me, Dave, you did a good job. That was my life dream. I may never have that business card, but I hope that some day, some day, Ken comes to me, shakes me hand, and says “Dave, you did a good job.” I know it’s a dream, but hey, we all need a dream to drive us when we wake up in the morning. Dave