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(re: re: Buying Sierra from Vivendi Universal) –Last i heard about buying Vivendi’s gaming companies is that Vivendi would rather sell their gaming division as a whole. So, by saying that, I mean they wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about selling off parts. But who knows what could happen in the future.–

Huh? I don’t understand that comment. Well, perhaps I should say that I don’t understand what you mean by “gaming division as a whole.” Isn’t Sierra Entertainment, as it exists now, a gaming division, complete with all the properties that Sierra On-Line had? That is to say, is it a division seaperate from, for example, Blizzard (from what I last saw, a Vivendi division). Are you suggesting that there are other parts of what was once Sierra On-Line that survived the chaos leading to the present day situation and are in existance as seaperate divisions in Vivendi? I’d thought they were all condensed to Sierra Entertainment. Either that, or sold off.