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(re: Sierra Video Catalog) I have been reading about this project to archive all of the Sierra magazines and am very excited. I would be willing to pay money to own this complete compilation of the history of one of the greatest game companies. I remember owning a Sierra Video Catalog with live action for games such as KQ4, PQ2, and ads for Manhunter. I wonder if anyone else had this as well or transfered it to a computer file. My brother taped a show over my copy years ago and I was really mad. It’s great that this site is up, as I grew up with these games on my Apple IIGS! Look forward to seeing this archive CD.
Thanks for following our progress! We are definitely working on creating the magazine archive, and are also working on creating a video archive as well. I suspect the magazine archive will come first, and others will follow. We plan on making a very high quality archive, with nice packaging and labeling, basically good production values all around, and will be distributed to any one that wants one at cost. So stay tuned for further developments. I am very sorry to hear that you had your copy taped over. Which catalog was it? I personally own the 1988-89 catalog, It has Colonel’s Bequest, Space Quest III, Quest for Glory, Hoyles, Manhunter.. sounds like your was a bit different – quite a shame. Any other Sierra goodies that you own?