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(re: Sierra video promos) Hey Bob, great to see you here! If you have any memorable Sierra stuff, please do share it with everyone here!
Brad, I’ll revise my list again with the catalogues / extras that I have.
Beetle, yes, that may be so but we’re not using the music in a “product.” We’re just uploading it here for people to download. That’s not an applicable argument. Whether it’s in MP3 or OGG format – if Sierra wanted to take legal action for their old music CDs being ripped and uploaded, it wouldn’t matter.
As for the quality issue, I already said I think MP3 is still more wide spread and the quality difference is not a huge issue – at least at this stage in the game. There are “clueless” people out there who don’t know how, or don’t want to know how, or couldn’t be bothered to download codecs etc, no matter how easy it might be. They just want to play MP3s.
EDIT: Good quality the first time, definitely. And it will be a lot of work, but better to do it right first. Especially since most of the magazine paper is too thin, so depending on your scanner you will see through on the other side, and then you have to edit that all out. By the way I will tackle getting my scanner to work again tomorrow. I hope it’s not broken… 🙁