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“ps what’s the story with MP3s these days? are they legal… it’s just file sharing that’s illegal?”

There’s a legal complication with mp3’s. If any developer uses them in a product, they have to pay a licensing fee. See 

Ogg Vorbis was developed to overcome this hurdle, and it should work just fine. Players like Windows Media Player might not support it by default, but you can probably easily get a codec for it (certainly there are other media players out there that do support ogg).

I seriously doubt that mp3 sound quality is more superior to that of ogg’s.

Personally, either will work for me, but I think ogg is the way to go. You could potentially put an ogg-compatible free media player on whatever CD you develop for Windows. Linux media players almost always have ogg support, so you need not worry about them. I’m not sure if Mac players typically support them (Frans?).

As for video format, I’m with Frans – please use more widely accepted formats like Mpeg/DivX to accomodate us non-Windows users.

Finally, I’d appreciate it if whoever is making the CD’s also provide them in non-DVD format (I don’t have a DVD player). If that means more CD’s for you to ship, I’ll gladly pay a (reasonable) amount extra for it.