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(re: re: re: re: re: re: re: Sierra video promos) Hey Ken,
Glad to hear you are on board with digging through your videos. I know you have a lot – heck you should. =) Anyhow, unless there is some really hush-hush outtakes from the Softporn hut-tub photoshoot, I would suggest “filtering” as little as possible. Tape up the box of videos, find out what kind of deposit I need to put on it (as a measure of good faith) and ship it all down here so I can get started – if I need to make a 10 DVD set, so be it. Or better yet, gather it in chunks – I’ll re-master a group of videos on DVD, and send them back, and you can send another group in. Whatever works – just lemme know, and as you are digging, if you can find any other professional broadcast formats of the same “VHS” version, please by all means – let’s use those, I’ll have the machine to play it back.
Thanks Ken!
P.S. I got the 14 minute 1989 Promo video down to about 40meg (from 90meg) using a MPEG codec still looks pretty good (for a VHS transfer).. anyone want to host that?