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(re: re: re: re: re: Sierra video promos) Petter,
I am all over the idea of compiling a huge DVD set, and want to get more people like yourself fired up over it – I will contact Tom, and see what things he has, I have quite a collection myself. We need to start a list of things we want on this set. I think the videos from the the Smithsonian would be awesome, I know Ken was going to submit to get them – Ken, try to get the ones without the timecode burned in, and also Ken, still have not heard from you concerning the other videos, you have, and what formats you have them on, I only have the one promo video from 89.
Frans, I am experimenting with MPEG4 right now.. I will see what size it outputs. Also, I think you contacted me about Space Quest articles in my interaction magazine collection, I will try to look through those and find articles you do not have already. I can’t remember who was spearheading the Interaction scan project (Brandon?) but I have lots to contribute. We need to start an Online list to see which ones (as a group) we are missing, and put out an APB on the missing ones (and look to Ken to fill the holes hopefully).
1. List Sierra Publications
2. Compile wants list for DVD set
3. Ken, let us know what videos (including the Smithsonian) you can contribute
4. Frans, let me know what magazines you have already scoured for SQ articles, so I can skip those