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(re: re: re: re: re: re: Sierra video promos) Wow! What a great link! (
) A VERY well done site.
Yes it is! There’s hours worth of surfing material there. Tom is about as big a Sierra fan as they come, and his knowledge of Sierra music is awesome! This site has been online for 8 years, and is the ultimate source for Sierra music. If you have the time, why not send him a few kind words!? He’s already got great endorsements from Sierra legends like Al Lowe, Robert Holmes, Mark Seibert and many others.
I must also say that he’s a great composer himself. He has arranged and written the music for the two unofficial King’s Quest remakes, and his score for the KQ2 remake is right up there with the best of the stuff from the original Sierra games. He would have made a great addition to the Sierra music staff in those days. 🙂

warning: 3.5 megabytes)